Mortgage Fintech as a Service

Mortgage Fintech as a Service (MFaaS) is a category focused on fintech companies that provide a product, feature, or business offering for mortgage lenders, banks, credit unions, and loan officers.

  • FinLocker is redefining mortgage fintech as a service by offering a robust financial wellness platform that helps consumers prepare for a mortgage. Through persona-based journeys, users are guided to overcome their financial challenges and advance toward homeownership. Lenders can use the FinLocker app to attract, educate, and nurture leads. The platform enables loan officers to manage a larger pipeline, and provides data-driven insights to know when your consumers meet the financial qualifications for a mortgage or refinance.

  • Zavvie, a leader in Mortgage Fintech as a Service, empowers mortgage lenders & loan officers with innovative alternative finance solutions supported by AI-powered technology. Their proprietary Cash Advantage program accelerates the buying process and boosts loan volume, offering unique advantages in the competitive mortgage landscape.

  • Clever is a mortgage fintech company assisting lenders with their innovative real estate referral platform. They connect homebuyers and sellers with top-rated real estate agents, enhancing the home buying experience.

  • Divvy Homes offers mortgage fintech solutions for lenders, aiming to make homeownership more accessible. They provide lease-to-own options, helping individuals build equity while saving for a down payment.

  • Down Payment Resource is a leading platform connecting homebuyers with down payment assistance programs. With a focus on mortgage fintech, they provide tools for mortgage lenders, loan officers, and real estate agents to help homebuyers overcome the obstacle of a down payment and achieve homeownership.

  • EarnUp is a mortgage fintech company providing a comprehensive financial stability solution for mortgage lenders. Their platform automates debt payments and savings, empowering individuals to become homebuyer ready and improve productivity at work.

  • EasyKnock is a mortgage fintech company assisting lenders by providing a suite of services, including sale-leaseback solutions. They offer flexibility to homeowners by unlocking equity without the need to move.

  • Figure provides mortgage fintech services to lenders, offering innovative lending solutions backed by blockchain technology. They enable lenders to provide efficient, transparent, and secure mortgage experiences to borrowers.

  • Haven Servicing provides mortgage fintech services to lenders, offering advanced loan servicing solutions. Their platform streamlines and automates loan servicing processes, ensuring efficient and compliant operations.

  • HomeLendingPal is a mortgage fintech firm that offers AI-powered mortgage origination solutions to lenders. Their platform utilizes advanced data analytics to streamline the loan application process and improve risk assessment.

  • Kinective is a leading Mortgage Fintech as a Service company facilitating secure connections and workflow solutions for mortgage lenders, banks, credit unions, and Fintechs. With seamless integrations and advanced technology solutions, it empowers financial institutions in their digital transformation journey and enhances client experiences.

  • Landed is a mortgage fintech company that partners with mortgage lenders to offer down payment support to homebuyers. Their innovative platform helps educators and essential professionals achieve homeownership.

  • LoanSense is a Mortgage Fintech as a Service platform for mortgage lenders. It helps lenders compete by offering higher pre-approvals, lower student loan payments, and improved debt-to-income ratios. Their proprietary tools and resources enhance marketing credibility and lead generation, optimizing loan processing time for better client satisfaction.

  • Misely is a sophisticated mortgage fintech service empowering lenders with a planning engine to elevate client trust, loyalty, and financial wellness through innovative, mobile-friendly advice and presentation tools.

  • Passport is a mobile platform that empowers consumers by providing unique insights into credit worthiness, and guiding them through their unique financial journey to meet their goals. Credit needs an overall. The current method is broken. Passport's comprehensive approach opens the doors for both lenders and consumers in a way the world has never seen.

  • REPAY is a mortgage lending technology provider that offers services such as loan origination, servicing, and collection via a suite of online and mobile tools. The platform streamlines the management of receivables for mortgage lenders, allowing them to focus on growing their businesses.

  • Roam is a mortgage fintech company that helps homebuyers find mortgage lenders. They offer a service that enables potential buyers to assess how a 2% mortgage rate could significantly reduce their monthly payments, making homeownership more affordable. Start the process in just 2 minutes with no obligation.

  • Spring EQ is a mortgage fintech company specializing in home equity loans. They partner with lenders to provide efficient, digital solutions that offer flexible borrowing options to homeowners.