FinLocker is redefining mortgage fintech as a service by offering a robust financial wellness platform that helps consumers prepare for a mortgage. Through persona-based journeys, users are guided to overcome their financial challenges and advance toward homeownership. Lenders can use the FinLocker app to attract, educate, and nurture leads. The platform enables loan officers to manage a larger pipeline, and provides data-driven insights to know when your consumers meet the financial qualifications for a mortgage or refinance.

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FinLocker is transforming the way that first-time homebuyers prepare for homeownership. Our innovative platform, accessible through a private-labeled mobile app and website, is trusted by top mortgage lenders, credit unions, banks, and financial service providers. Designed to empower consumers at every stage of their homeownership journey, FinLocker makes the path to mortgage readiness clear and achievable.

Why FinLocker?

Tailored Communications: Deliver persona-based communications customized to each consumer —whether they’re mortgage ready, getting ready, getting started, overcoming financial challenges, or are current homeowners not actively looking.

High Engagement: Experience enhanced engagement through push notifications and branded emails boasting a 61% open rate, 14% click-through rate, and a 75% return rate.

Proven Lead Magnet: Utilize FinLocker as a compelling call-to-action in your direct-to-consumer and social media marketing, attracting high quality leads to your business.

Data-Driven Insights: Benefit from the admin portal’s insights on each consumer in your sales database, including real-time alerts when a user:

  • Self-selects as Ready to Buy
  • Achieves 4 stars in Readiness
  • Credit score increases one tier (e.g. poor to fair)
  • Sets a monthly payment goal
  • Searches for a property (also can alert the real estate agent)
  • Saves at least one property

Our Impact:

  • For Mortgage Originators: Amplify capabilities to serve and engage consumers more effectively throughout their entire homeownership journey.
  • For Consumers: Personalized guidance to achieve and sustain homeownership with confidence.

Ready to take the next step?  Contact us to discover more and revolutionize the homeownership journey with FinLocker.

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  • FinLocker app and web platform
  • Verification Services - VOA, VOE, VOI
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  • Abdel

    Branch Manager

    PRMG Got Mortgages

    Brian and his team are awesome! They’ve created a platform that’s easy to use, integrate and help our clients track their credit, equity and allow our LOs & partners to stay top of mind with a true financial tool at their fingertips.

    Published On: July 8, 2024



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