About Mortgage Advisor Tools

We connect lenders to the right vendors.
Mortgage Advisor Tools is revolutionizing the mortgage industry by offering lenders an unmatched platform to discover, review, compare and connect with vendors that specialize in mortgage-specific technology and services.

We bring lenders and vendors together, creating a hub of invaluable information and insights that are simply unheard of elsewhere in the pursuit of helping more Americans realize the dream of homeownership.

We are the leader in call-to-actions.

Our Style
We’re not just mortgage-focused, we’re mortgage-obsessed! We don’t dabble in other business sectors because we’re all about going deep in our area of expertise. Practicality? Not our style. We live for big ideas that make you stand out from the crowd. We’re not afraid to tell it like it is, even if that means using some colorful language. And when it comes to insights, we don’t do fluff – only hard-hitting analysis and actionable plans. From industry veterans to creative strategists, our team is uniquely qualified to help companies dominate the mortgage market.

Our Side of the Story
Every company has its own genesis story, one of humble beginnings and a grand vision to make a difference. This is the story of a small website that evolved into a big idea, aimed at assisting mortgage loan officers, brokers, lenders, and banks in finding the right solutions for their companies.

Many moons ago, during their time at a major independent mortgage lender, Steven Cooley (now Founder and CEO of Mortgage Advisor Tools) and his partner-in-crime established a tradition known as “Solicitation Fridays.” This tradition involved giving vendors, regardless of their size or backing, the opportunity to pitch their services. These vendors yearned for the chance to sell to the esteemed national lender, which boasted a staggering 2,000 mortgage loan officers. Steven and his team diligently considered each and every pitch, providing thoughtful feedback on why they would or would not proceed with an engagement.

The wheels started turning for Steven as he pondered the situation. While larger lenders were bombarded with solicitations from technology and service companies, he wondered how other lenders went about finding these resources. Over a span of nearly nine years, Steven observed that most lenders did not actively seek out information about available solutions in the market. And when they did conduct research, it was often challenging to find the right solution.

In 2021, Mortgage Advisor Tools was launched to help all lenders find new technology and service solutions to enhance their business.

Mortgage Advisor Tools takes great pride in its role in having helped dozens of lenders build and enhance their tech stack at no cost. We have been instrumental in assisting mortgage-focused technology and service companies in entering the mortgage industry, acquiring new customers, and generating revenue. We firmly believe that the mortgage industry is on the cusp of a technological revolution, and we aim to serve as the catalyst for this change. Our journey has just begun, as we strive to raise awareness about the numerous available resources and ensure their accessibility for mortgage lenders of all sizes and professionals in the industry.

We are immensely grateful for the unwavering support of our dedicated team, loyal clients, friends in the mortgage media, and the mortgage experts who have high-fived us in convention halls and those who have spoken kindly about us behind our backs. Our commitment to making a difference and reshaping how the mortgage industry perceives technology remains resolute. Stay tuned, as the best is yet to come.

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