Polly operates the industry's first and only cloud-native, commercially scalable PPE. Built in the cloud and for the cloud, Polly's vertically integrated platform automates and optimizes the entire capital markets value chain, helping lenders of all types and sizes proactively scale their mortgage operations. Secondary marketing and capital markets leaders demand flexible, scalable, and highly configurable technology solutions, and Polly delivers.


Polly has revolutionized the mortgage industry with its modern, data-driven capital markets ecosystem. Purpose-built in the cloud and for the cloud, Polly automates and optimizes the entire capital markets value chain, helping lenders of all types and sizes proactively scale their mortgage operations. Capital markets leaders demand flexible and highly configurable technology solutions, and Polly delivers.

Product and Pricing Engine  

  • Maximize Margins and Revenue: Built with patent-pending technology to solve the core limitations of legacy solutions, Polly helps lenders maximize margins and revenue on every loan, enabling them to remain more agile in today’s competitive market environment.
  • Configurability and Scalability: Polly is highly configurable and can be easily customized to support any unique or evolving business strategy. The platform allows for the capital markets function to be fully automated, facilitating the ability to grow as a business while reducing the need to massively scale hiring–and thus, face the consequences of potential over hiring.
  • Streamline Workflows and Automation: Polly automates workflows, minimizing manual work and errors. The PPE provides flexible, automation-enabled workflows and one-of-a-kind functions that promote precision and efficiency for secondary marketing and loan officer teams.

Loan Trading Exchange  

  • Increase Transparency and Efficiency: Polly’s hedge-agnostic loan trading platform connects buyers and sellers of loans, providing transparency and facilitating best execution. Users can analyze bids and evaluate true best execution, improving workflow efficiency throughout the loan sale and settlement cycle.
  • Customization and Automation: Configuration, native logic, and natural language processing tools enable users to fully customize bidding rules and bias bids by investor, streamlining processes. The platform also automates loan delivery and the entire post-sale commitment process with just one click.
  • Pricing and Network Expansion: Polly provides accurate loan-level pricing and live TBA benchmarking, ensuring sellers have visibility into best execution in any market condition. Lenders can expand their network and partner with preferred investors for additional opportunities.

Data and Analytics  

  • Real-time Insights: Polly’s multi-dimensional analytics solution delivers real-time, action-oriented enterprise, competitive, and market intel to lenders and other mortgage industry stakeholders. This actionable intel drives predictive and informed data-driven strategic decisions, automation, and profitability.
  • Customizable Dashboards: Create personalized data visualizations and powerful interactive reports to illustrate competitor benchmarking data and indices, and effectively analyze performance trends.
  • Comprehensive Data Solutions: Consolidate fragmented mortgage data into a single source of truth for accurate and timely business insights, empowering better decision-making for mortgage companies, investors, and regulators.

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