Mortgage Operations

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  • BeSmartee simplifies the mortgage experience for both borrowers and originators, utilizing automation and integrations to streamline the process. Their technology includes borrower-facing mobile apps, white-labeled enterprise solutions, eSign capabilities, and more.

  • Docitt makes the loan process simple, smart, safe eliminating the paper, people and pain from the loan process. The Docitt team are lenders and technologist that have been in your roles and understand your pain.

  • Lender Toolkit automates the mortgage manufacturing process to create a fast and transparent Modern Digital Mortgage, resulting in a premier borrower experience while creating competitive advantages for lenders. With AI Underwriter™ and Disclosure Automation you can "Close More. Process Less".

  • As the only independent closing fee provider in the mortgage industry, LodeStar prides itself data integrity, quote accuracy, and service quality. After the Great Recession, it was more important than ever for mortgage lenders to offer clear, accurate quotes to everyone, no matter where they are in the country. We created LodeStar to give borrowers and lenders peace of mind every step of the way. We offer affordable, customizable, streamlined, and easy-to-use solutions that leverage data to both serve your clients and optimize and grow your business.

  • Delivering the platform the mortgage industry trusts to price loans nationwide... 500M+ rate searches, and 40% of U.S. mortgage loan locks.

    With the best products and pricing from the industry's leading investors, lenders of all sizes can automate secondary marketing to deliver best fit financing and make dreams possible.

  • 360factors offers comprehensive risk and compliance management software for mortgage lenders. Their solutions automate compliance processes, including risk assessment, policies and procedures, audits, and regulatory reporting.

  • AccuDraw provides a software solution that automates lending forms and streamlines data capture processes for banking and financial institutions to enhance efficiency and accuracy.

  • AccurateDocument provides automated document formatting solutions that enable businesses to create consistent and professional-looking documents quickly.

  • Accurate Group provides innovative technology solutions for real estate valuation, including appraisal management software and collateral risk solutions.

  • ActiveComply provides mortgage lenders with compliance software that helps them navigate regulatory requirements. Their solutions ensure adherence to industry standards and streamline compliance processes.

  • ADI Consulting is a trusted provider of compliance consulting and training services. They assist organizations in designing and implementing effective compliance programs, conducting audits, and delivering customized training to foster a culture of compliance and enhance regulatory compliance capabilities.

  • Appraisal Shield offers comprehensive solutions for real estate appraisal management, including automation tools and compliance verification.

  • AppraisalVision is a data-driven appraisal intelligence platform providing transparency and control for all market participants. With nationwide appraiser coverage, always-current risk intelligence, and best-practice decision workflows, AppraisalVision offers a better valuation process through better visibility. Join their network and cultivate your unique competitive advantage through the integration of human and artificial intelligence.

  • AppraisalTek simplifies the appraisal process with innovative technology solutions, providing accurate valuations and reliable property information.

  • AppraisalWorks offers comprehensive appraisal management solutions, streamlining the process for lenders and appraisers and ensuring compliance and accuracy.

  • AREAL AI is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company specializing in mortgage and title automation solutions for mortgage lenders. Their platform allows mortgage lenders to convert mortgage and title documents into reliable data in real-time, providing a boost to productivity.

  • Argyle is a platform that enables businesses to access and manage workforce data securely. Their verification solutions include income and employment verification services, allowing mortgage lenders to efficiently verify borrower information required for loan underwriting, while maintaining data privacy and security.

  • Arive is a full-featured mortgage origination platform designed for independent mortgage brokers, offering a centralized platform for managing leads, processing loans, and more. Features include borrower-facing portals, integrations, eSign capabilities, and more.

  • Asurity provides a suite of compliance-focused solutions for the mortgage industry. Their software and consulting services enable lenders to maintain regulatory compliance while improving operational efficiency and risk management.

  • ATClose offers a comprehensive software platform for title insurance companies and settlement agents, enabling them to manage the entire closing process efficiently.