Home Management Software

Home Management software provides technology that allows homeowners to manage general maintenance, appliances, home repairs, insurance, and many more. This technology provides a great value add to mortgage borrowers, especially first time home buyers.

  • HomeBinder is a residential home management platform that simplifies homeownership through a centralized management platform. It collaborates with authorized professionals, such as home inspectors, real estate agents, and service providers, to improve client relationships and increase referrals. Homeowners can track maintenance reminders, store important documents, and access a network of recommended service providers.

  • HomeZada provides a comprehensive platform for homeowners to manage and maintain their properties. From organizing documents and tracking maintenance tasks to creating budgets and keeping records, HomeZada simplifies home management and gives homeowners peace of mind.

  • LiveEasy simplifies the moving and living experience with a dedicated concierge service. It provides an online platform for comparing quotes, exclusive savings, and essential services checklist. With an average savings of $400, it helps homeowners manage their finances and offers exceptional personalized service supported by customer reviews and partnerships with industry leaders.

  • Milestones is a homeowner management system that offers services such as collaborative transactions, a services marketplace, and solutions for real estate, mortgages, and closing services. They aim to deliver personalized service at every step of the homeowner journey and provide access to local resources and trusted professionals.

  • Porch provides home services solutions by offering a range of services from finding top-rated home improvement professionals, moving checklists, insurance, and security solutions to home inspections, handyman services and more. They also provide cost guides for a variety of services in major US cities.