HomeBinder is a residential home management platform that simplifies homeownership through a centralized management platform. It collaborates with authorized professionals, such as home inspectors, real estate agents, and service providers, to improve client relationships and increase referrals. Homeowners can track maintenance reminders, store important documents, and access a network of recommended service providers.


HomeBinder is a residential home management platform provided by businesses to help the homeowner throughout their journey of ownership. Mortgage lenders leverage our Encompass integration to automatically deliver digital binders, preloaded with all the financial and property-specific data related to the transaction, to their clients upon completion of the transaction. Post-close, HomeBinder helps lenders retain client relationships, deliver added value, and generate re-engagement. We do this through the platform’s high open-rate property-specific maintenance reminders, innovative home valuation engine, and trusted network of service professionals. In addition, HomeBinder provides lenders the ability to grow referrals and leads by co-branding clients’ binders with the real estate agent of record. Unlike traditional post-closing gifts, HomeBinder enables businesses to deliver long-term value, and by doing so maintain an ongoing connection with the homeowner and the property. Today’s homeowners are increasingly expecting HomeBinder from the businesses that serve them. Founded in 2015, HomeBinder is a TechStars company headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts, and services all fifty US States and all Canadian provinces.

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  • Nicholas

    Senior Designer/ CRM Management

    NJ Lenders Corp.

    We’ve been using HomeBinder for over two years with great success. Borrowers know the complexity of organizing and managing home information and appreciate getting a HomeBinder account with their mortgage docs pre loaded. The agents in our network value that we are helping them stay in front of previous clients alongside our Loan Officers. The recent addition of HomeBinder Assistant helping buyers with their move has only increased the value of the program.

    Published On: November 14, 2023



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