Point of Sale

Learn more about the companies, products, and solutions that can help you.

  • BeSmartee simplifies the mortgage experience for both borrowers and originators, utilizing automation and integrations to streamline the process. Their technology includes borrower-facing mobile apps, white-labeled enterprise solutions, eSign capabilities, and more.

  • Docitt makes the loan process simple, smart, safe eliminating the paper, people and pain from the loan process. The Docitt team are lenders and technologist that have been in your roles and understand your pain.

  • Arive is a full-featured mortgage origination platform designed for independent mortgage brokers, offering a centralized platform for managing leads, processing loans, and more. Features include borrower-facing portals, integrations, eSign capabilities, and more.

  • Blend offers a digital lending platform that streamlines the mortgage application process for borrowers and lenders, including a mobile app, data integrations, workflow management, eSign, and more. The platform also handles other types of consumer loans.

  • Blue Sage offers a comprehensive digital lending platform that includes a sophisticated point of sale system, borrower-facing portals, integrations, workflow management, and more. Their solution is highly configurable and designed for lenders of all sizes.

  • Cloudvirga provides a digital mortgage platform that streamlines the entire loan process, from application to closing. Their solution features data integrations, borrower-facing portals, eSign capabilities, and more, with a focus on efficiency and ease of use.

  • Floify is a leading loan origination system that automates and streamlines the entire mortgage process, offering features like borrower-facing portals, eSign capabilities, document management, integrations and more. They provide a fully customizable interface suitable for lenders of all sizes.

  • Lenderful Solutions enables borrowers to apply for a mortgage quickly and easily, with a platform that offers personalized solutions, automated underwriting, data integrations, and advanced risk analysis. The software is customizable and easy to implement for lenders of all sizes.

  • Loanzify is a digital mortgage platform that streamlines the entire lending process with a mobile-optimized interface that makes it easy for borrowers to apply. The system includes borrower-facing portals, integrations, and pre-built workflows to boost efficiency.

  • Maxwell empowers mortgage lenders to help improve homeownership experiences with an automation platform that reduces the manual workload. The platform is highly configurable, works for all loan types, and offers integrations with third-party systems.

  • Revvin offers mortgage lending companies with a platform that streamlines loan origination and management. The software offers asset verification, income verification, eSignatures, and borrower portals, all of which help automate the loan process.

  • Roostify has developed a digital mortgage suite that streamlines the loan application process and reduces errors, accelerating the mortgage process. Features include mobile optimization, eSignatures, borrower task lists, and integrations. Their solution is ideal for medium-sized mortgage lenders.

  • SimpleNexus is a digital mortgage marketplace that offers mortgage brokers and loan officers a rich platform. Features include integrable POS, automated workflows, document management, mobile optimization, and integrations. The simplified process maximizes efficiency, reduces errors, and speeds up the lending process for all parties involved.

  • Take3 Technologies offers point-of-sale (POS) solutions. Their software helps businesses in various industries, including mortgage lending, manage their sales transactions efficiently.

  • The Big POS is a cloud-based, all-in-one digital mortgage platform that enables loan officers and banks to securely manage leads, scale their workflows, and organize every aspect of their process. The platform includes pre-built workflows, compliance checklists, and integrations with third-party systems.