Floify Introduces Broker Edition

The Ultimate Origination Hub for Mortgage Brokers 


Floify, a leading point-of-sale (POS) platform in the mortgage industry, is thrilled to introduce Floify Broker Edition. This innovative lending platform has been specifically designed to simplify loan management for mortgage brokers, providing them with a comprehensive and user-friendly solution. 

Mortgage brokers face a unique set of challenges, including managing a heavy administrative workload, ensuring regulatory compliance, and juggling multiple technologies with limited support. Recognizing these difficulties, Floify President and General Manager Sofia Rossato explains, “Floify Broker Edition is born out of a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by mortgage brokers, which include juggling a burdensome administrative workload, regulatory compliance and multiple technologies with minimal support.” This platform aims to alleviate these challenges and empower mortgage brokers to offer a streamlined and intuitive loan management portal for their borrowers. 

Built on the foundation of Floify’s classic POS platform, Broker Edition simplifies loan management with an accessible price point. Its borrower-friendly interface enhances application pull-through, while rule-based automations streamline operations by handling routine tasks and expediting loan processing. 

Floify Broker Edition provides brokers with four key features that replace or complement traditional loan origination systems (LOS): 

  1. Mortgage Call Reports (MCR) Functionality: This feature allows brokers to swiftly generate mandatory NMLS reporting documentation and easily export reports by quarter, year, and state. This streamlines the compliance process, saving brokers valuable time.
  2. Dual Automated Underwriting System (AUS) Functionality: Brokers can now order AUS findings from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac through Floify’s platform. The side-by-side comparison of findings helps brokers identify required documentation and provides comprehensive guidance for borrowers.
  3. Product Pricing Engine (PPE) Integration: The integration with Lender Price’s PPE allows brokers to synchronize borrower 1003 data and generate accurate real-time pricing quotes. This ensures transparency and efficiency in pricing calculations.
  4. United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM) Integration: Brokers can seamlessly submit loan applications to UWM electronically, significantly expediting the loan submission process. This integration enhances efficiency and allows brokers to better serve their borrowers.

Rossato emphasizes that “Brokers deserve access to the same quality tools as their enterprise lender colleagues, and Floify Broker Edition provides exactly that.” With this complete lending platform, brokers can navigate the financing process with ease and serve their borrowers more effectively. 

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