Borrower Retention

Keeping borrowers satisfied is key to long-term success in mortgage lending. Utilize borrower retention software to proactively communicate with borrowers, track their preferences and needs, offer personalized solutions, and maintain strong customer relationships. Connect with top borrower retention software providers catering to mortgage lenders here. Foster long-term relationships with your borrowers through effective Borrower Retention strategies.

  • 4 in 5 mortgage customers go to a new lender for their next loan. MonitorBase is the leader in borrower retention technology in the mortgage industry.

    MonitorBase specializes in borrower retention for mortgage lenders, banks, credit unions, and brokers. Their Borrower Retention System offers predictive scenarios and alerts to help lenders engage with borrowers effectively. With features like SoftPull instant credit checks and integrated CRM solutions, MonitorBase helps lenders retain customers and optimize their mortgage processes to maximize retention and minimize runoff costs.

  • Revaluate provides actionable insights creating more efficient and effective client acquisition. Revaluate segments lists and databases for marketers by propensity to move. The award winning third party validated accuracy is the best in the industry at identifying people who are likely to move in the next six months. Marketers use this refined and targeted data to greatly increase the efficiency of their campaigns.

  • HomeCaptain is a platform that helps homebuyers connect with a dedicated real estate concierge. The concierge guides buyers through the homebuying and mortgage process, offering personalized assistance, and ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.

  • Homebot is a financial wellness platform that helps homeowners maximize the value of their largest asset - their home. It provides personalized financial analysis, home maintenance reminders, and real-time market data to help homeowners make informed decisions.

  • Percy AI is an innovative company that empowers real estate agents and mortgage loan officers to enhance their connections with clients and drive more transactions. Their data-driven approach focuses on fostering borrower retention and providing tools for success to mortgage lenders, delivering impressive results and boosting ROI.

  • Real Estate Connection is a nationwide realtor management company that acts as a bolt-on real estate brokerage for mortgage lenders. Their end-to-end software solution increases buyer retention through a panel of preferred realtors, ensuring seamless communication and enhanced borrower satisfaction.

  • Senso is a smart home automation platform that enhances home security, comfort, and energy efficiency. It allows homeowners to control and monitor their home remotely, automate tasks, and receive real-time alerts. It brings convenience and peace of mind to homeowners.

  • Stikkum is a mortgage retention alert and automation platform designed specifically for the mortgage industry. Their integrated services monitor customer activity, alerting lenders when borrowers are starting to connect with competitors, helping them retain valuable customers and boost business success.

  • TrustEngine is a borrower intelligence platform for mortgage lenders that offers tools like sales alerts, mortgage coach and borrower education to help optimize lender and borrower success. With a focus on borrower retention, TrustEngine helps lenders close more loans and build long-term relationships with borrowers.