Verification Platforms

Verification platforms provide mortgage lenders with robust software solutions to streamline and automate the verification process. Verify borrower information, income, assets, and more with ease and accuracy. Enhance efficiency, reduce risk, and make informed lending decisions with reliable verification platforms designed for mortgage lenders.

  • Argyle is a platform that enables businesses to access and manage workforce data securely. Their verification solutions include income and employment verification services, allowing mortgage lenders to efficiently verify borrower information required for loan underwriting, while maintaining data privacy and security.

  • Covius offers a comprehensive suite of services for the financial services industry, including mortgage lenders. Their verification platform provides income and employment verification services, helping lenders assess borrower creditworthiness and ensure compliance with regulations. Covius aims to streamline the mortgage lending process and enhance operational efficiency.

  • Data Facts is a trusted provider of background screening solutions. With a user-friendly verification platform, they offer comprehensive services for mortgage lenders and other industries. Their expertise, accuracy, and compliance make them an ideal choice for businesses looking for reliable screening solutions.

  • DataVerify is a leading provider of data and verification solutions for the mortgage industry. Their platform offers mortgage lenders comprehensive verification services, including income, employment, identity, and collateral verification. DataVerify's solutions help lenders reduce risk, enhance loan quality, and streamline the mortgage origination process.

  • EmpInfo is an employment verification API that helps employers and verifiers automate their employment and income verification processes. It provides accurate and timely employment data to lenders and service providers, enabling confident and quick decision-making.

  • Finicity is a leading financial data aggregator and verification platform. Their services include income and employment verification, as well as other financial data solutions, empowering mortgage lenders to access borrower financial information securely, efficiently, and accurately.

  • FirstClose offers a comprehensive technology solution for mortgage lenders that streamlines and automates the loan origination and closing process. Their platform integrates with multiple systems and provides robust data, analytics, and reporting capabilities.

  • Flueid is a digital platform designed to help mortgage lenders leverage modern technology to streamline their workflows. It offers features like electronic signatures, automated loan processing, and other key features to increase loan productivity while cutting down turnaround time.

  • Halcyon Financial and Tax Prep Services is a comprehensive platform that offers IRS tax transcripts, registered investment advisory services, and tax preparation. With over 25 years of experience, Halcyon helps financial institutions deepen client relationships, reduce expenses, and provide a modern, mobile-friendly tax preparation service.

  • LoanLogics provides loan quality management and performance analytics solutions, helping lenders enhance loan quality and reduce risk.

  • MeasureOne offers data insights and verification solutions for the lending industry. Their platform helps mortgage lenders assess borrower risk by providing accurate and up-to-date information on education, employment, and income. This verification service aids in making informed lending decisions.

  • PointServ specializes in verification solutions for mortgage lenders. Their platform provides comprehensive verification services, including income, employment, and asset verification. PointServ streamlines the verification process, providing lenders with accurate and reliable information to enhance loan origination and underwriting.

  • Prudent AI is a smart lending decision platform that offers APIs, web apps, and fraud protection to streamline the lending process. They provide comprehensive credit analysis, income certainty insights, and bank statement analysis with AI-powered risk and fraud detection. Prudent AI helps lenders grow their business with faster pre-approval and increased loan volumes.

  • Truework is a fully customizable income verification platform trusted by mortgage lenders. With multiple verification methods and intelligent orchestration, it automates verification workflows, increases loan pipeline capacity, and reduces manual work for mortgage lenders.

  • Truv is a mortgage technology company that innovates and digitizes the loan process. Its platform provides a faster, more secure, and straightforward process for completing mortgage transactions online. Truv also offers a range of services such as customer relationship management (CRM) and mortgage servicing.

  • Veri-Tax is a leading verification platform specializing in Income and Employment Verification (VOI/VOE), 4506-C Tax Transcripts, and SSN/EIN Verification. Trusted by over 1,000 financial institutions, including mortgage lenders, they provide fast, secure, and reliable services to streamline the loan process and mitigate risk.

  • Xactus offers credit reporting and verification solutions for mortgage lenders. Through their advanced technology and vast database, lenders can access accurate credit information, assess borrower creditworthiness, and make informed lending decisions effectively and efficiently.