Settlement & Closing

Efficient settlement and closing processes are crucial in mortgage lending. Utilize settlement and closing software to automate document preparation, track deadlines, coordinate with title companies, and facilitate seamless transactions. Connect with top settlement and closing software providers catering to mortgage lenders here. Simplify and streamline your settlement and closing processes with innovative solutions.

  • Founded in 2013 and utilized by thousands of originators nationwide, LodeStar helps mortgage professionals effectively manage their third-party closing costs to save both time and money as well as maintain TRID compliance. Quotes are automated in the mortgage lender’s origination system and 100% guaranteed for accuracy.

  • AREAL AI is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company specializing in mortgage and title automation solutions for mortgage lenders. Their platform allows mortgage lenders to convert mortgage and title documents into reliable data in real-time, providing a boost to productivity.

  • Asurity offers RegTech software solutions to support consumer lending, from origination to settlement and closing, ensuring compliance and reducing risk. Their services include specialized residential mortgage closing utilizing legal expertise of Sandler Law Group, Readiness Assessments CMS Reviews, Risk Assessments, and more.

  • Closepin is a real estate technology platform that simplifies the property search process. It uses advanced algorithms and data analysis to help real estate agents and investors find the best properties for their clients, saving time and improving decision-making.

  • Doscon Demand is a cloud-based software platform that provides end-to-end management solutions for the construction industry. It enables construction companies to streamline project management, scheduling, and resource allocation, resulting in improved efficiency and cost savings.

  • Doma specializes in settlement and closing services for mortgage lenders. With expertise in title insurance, they provide lenders with the necessary support and protection throughout the closing process.

  • National Closing Solutions offers settlement and closing services to mortgage lenders. They provide efficient and accurate title insurance solutions, ensuring a smooth closing process and offering lenders the necessary protection and support.

  • Spruce offers a modern solution for title insurance and closing services. Their platform leverages technology to automate and simplify the closing process, improving transparency, reducing manual errors, and ensuring a seamless experience for buyers, sellers, and lenders.

  • Stavvy is a digital mortgage platform that empowers mortgage professionals to streamline their mortgage operations. Through its eClosing, loss mitigation, and foreclosure solutions, Stavvy offers a secure and efficient way to manage real estate transactions. With features like remote online notarization and eligibility engine, Stavvy transforms the mortgage process into a smooth and data-driven experience.

  • TENA Companies Inc. offers comprehensive mortgage quality control audit services. They provide lenders with pre-funding, post-closing, and servicing audits and specialized software solutions like SECONDLOOK Software. Their experienced auditors ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines and help simplify the mortgage QC process.