Mortgage Market Intelligence

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  • Highway is the leading software and data-driven market insights solution for residential mortgage and real estate professionals. Our expertise – including award-winning market alerts and forecasts, data-powered tools, and patent-pending agent and competitor production data – provides professionals with the advantage they need to win more revenue opportunities. For more information, visit

  • TrustStar is a dynamic market intelligence web platform powered by CognitiveScale’s Cortex AI designed to help mortgage professionals track real estate trends, monitor competition, and manage compliance challenges. TrustStar uncovers the data so you can discover what you are missing in your market. The goal is to provide mortgage professionals with a competitive edge to help them grow their business. The solution is easy to use, accessible, relevant, and personalized data in real-time. Information is power, and that is no different in the mortgage industry. Growing your business must be built on a strategy of concrete market intel that will help you form your decisions to be efficient and profitable.

  • Sigma Computing provides a cloud-native BI platform for mortgage lenders. It enables lenders to explore data, create interactive dashboards, and make data-driven decisions, boosting their competitiveness.

  • Grow's BI platform for mortgage lenders transforms data into actionable insights. Lenders can monitor key metrics in real-time, helping them identify opportunities and challenges, ultimately optimizing their operations.

  • MMI (Mobility Market Intelligence) is a trusted provider of mortgage and real estate data. They offer a range of products and solutions for partner growth, borrower engagement, recruiting research, and executive insights. With reliable data and a comprehensive database, they help mortgage professionals make informed decisions and drive their business forward.

  • ModelMatch is a domain that offers a platform for mortgage recruiters and candidates to connect and match based on skills, experience, and preferences. It streamlines the job search and recruitment process, helping both job seekers and employers find suitable matches.

  • Modex is an intuitive platform that provides valuable data and connections for mortgage professionals. It offers solutions for loan officers, mortgage employers, and business development in the mortgage industry. With robust data on loan transactions, officers, branches, and companies, Modex is trusted by leaders in the mortgage industry.

  • Pyramid Analytics delivers advanced BI solutions tailored for mortgage lenders. Their platform empowers lenders with data discovery and self-service analytics, driving informed decision-making and operational efficiency.

  • is a cutting-edge platform revolutionizing the way mortgage lenders and real estate professionals assess residential properties. Powered by AI-driven analytics, it offers comprehensive mortgage market intelligence, including real-time valuations, market trends, and key indicators. Stay ahead with Plunk's dynamic insights and make smarter investment decisions.

  • TrendGraphix empowers mortgage professionals with market insights and analytics. Their platform unlocks MLS data, offering trend reports, productivity analytics, and market expertise to help professionals make informed decisions. With their comprehensive tools, professionals gain a competitive advantage, streamline workflow, and drive success in the mortgage industry.