Mortgage Market Intelligence

Mortgage market intelligence solutions provide lenders with real-time data and analysis on the mortgage market. This includes information about interest rates, housing market trends, borrower profiles, and regulatory changes. Companies in this category offer platforms that help lenders stay updated with market conditions, adapt strategies, and make data-driven decisions for mortgage lending.

  • Highway is the leading software and data-driven market insights solution for residential mortgage and real estate professionals. Our expertise – including award-winning market alerts and forecasts, data-powered tools, and patent-pending agent and competitor production data – provides professionals with the advantage they need to win more revenue opportunities. For more information, visit

  • iEmergent combines innovative mapping tools; forward-looking, historic, and current data; and experience-driven advisory services to help mortgage lenders grow market share through diverse and community lending. Discover new markets and how to better serve existing markets with the most granular mortgage forecasts in the industry.

  • Instantly see the agents who can send you referrals now with Model Match. Pulse AI gives originators a weekly list of agents they’ve worked with before. It also shows you who has active listings. Spend your time cultivating relationships with people who can send business your way with precision

  • InGenius specializes in providing growth solutions for mortgage lenders through actionable intelligence and market analytics. Their services include mortgage recruiting, CRM integration, and dynamic filtering for fair lending compliance. Gain the competitive edge with their mortgage market intelligence expertise.

  • MMI (Mobility Market Intelligence) is a trusted provider of mortgage and real estate data. They offer a range of products and solutions for partner growth, borrower engagement, recruiting research, and executive insights. With reliable data and a comprehensive database, they help mortgage professionals make informed decisions and drive their business forward.

  • Modex is an intuitive platform that provides valuable data and connections for mortgage professionals. It offers solutions for loan officers, mortgage employers, and business development in the mortgage industry. With robust data on loan transactions, officers, branches, and companies, Modex is trusted by leaders in the mortgage industry.

  • MTA-LoanTracs provides mortgage lenders with powerful search tools to access accurate and complete loan transaction data. With daily updates and comprehensive coverage of the nationwide market, LoanTracs offers mortgage market intelligence to help lenders make informed decisions about recruiting, prospecting, forecasting, and marketing.

  • is a cutting-edge platform revolutionizing the way mortgage lenders and real estate professionals assess residential properties. Powered by AI-driven analytics, it offers comprehensive mortgage market intelligence, including real-time valuations, market trends, and key indicators. Stay ahead with Plunk's dynamic insights and make smarter investment decisions.

  • TrendGraphix empowers mortgage professionals with market insights and analytics. Their platform unlocks MLS data, offering trend reports, productivity analytics, and market expertise to help professionals make informed decisions. With their comprehensive tools, professionals gain a competitive advantage, streamline workflow, and drive success in the mortgage industry.

  • TrustStar is a dynamic market intelligence web platform powered by CognitiveScale’s Cortex AI designed to help mortgage professionals track real estate trends, monitor competition, and manage compliance challenges. TrustStar uncovers the data so you can discover what you are missing in your market. The goal is to provide mortgage professionals with a competitive edge to help them grow their business. The solution is easy to use, accessible, relevant, and personalized data in real-time. Information is power, and that is no different in the mortgage industry. Growing your business must be built on a strategy of concrete market intel that will help you form your decisions to be efficient and profitable.