REO Asset Management

Learn more about the companies, products, and solutions that can help you.

  • Exceleras is a leading Software as a Service (SaaS) company serving the mortgage lending and real estate industries. Their platform offers an accelerated REO property disposition process, seamlessly connecting servicers, asset managers, REO agents, vendors, and other stakeholders for efficient management and transparency.

  • McCracken Financial Solutions specializes in REO asset management, offering a full suite of services to effectively manage and dispose of distressed properties. Their solutions provide comprehensive support to lenders, investors, and servicers throughout the entire lifecycle of REO assets.

  • Quandis offers cutting-edge technology solutions for REO asset management. Their platform streamlines the entire process, from initial property registration to disposition, providing servicers, mortgage lenders, asset managers, and investors with enhanced visibility, automation, and compliance to optimize their REO operations.

  • REOnationwide is a leading provider of REO asset management services. Their comprehensive solutions support lenders, servicers, and investors in efficiently managing and selling distressed properties, offering end-to-end services including property preservation, marketing, valuation, and disposition.

  • Residential Management Solutions specializes in REO asset management, offering a suite of services to maximize returns on distressed properties. Their comprehensive solutions cover property valuation, disposition, marketing, and ongoing management for lenders, investors, and servicers.

  • Treonet offers advanced technology solutions for REO asset management. Their platform provides a seamless workflow for mortgage lenders, servicers, asset managers, vendors, and other stakeholders, streamlining processes, maximizing efficiency, and ensuring transparency throughout the entire REO property disposition cycle.

  • Trimont specializes in comprehensive REO asset management services for commercial real estate portfolios. Their expertise spans property valuation, disposition, and ongoing management, providing mortgage lenders, investors, and servicers with effective strategies for optimizing returns on their commercial REO properties.

  • Trinity Online offers a range of services, including REO asset management, catering to the needs of mortgage lenders, investors, and servicers. Their comprehensive solutions provide support throughout the entire REO lifecycle, including property preservation, valuation, marketing, and disposition, helping clients achieve their asset management goals.