Property Preservations & Management

Property preservation and management services preserve and maintain properties for lenders by providing regular inspections, cleaning services, and upkeep of properties to protect the integrity of their assets. Explore now and ensure your assets are in safe hands.

  • APRSI is a leading property preservation and management company with over 15 years of experience. They offer comprehensive services to mortgage lenders for pre-foreclosure, REO preservation, and maintenance needs, serving various states including Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Washington.

  • Brookstone Management specializes in property preservation and management services. With their expertise, they effectively handle pre-foreclosure and REO properties, ensuring thorough maintenance, regular inspections, and efficient preservation. They offer tailored solutions to mortgage lenders in diverse locations.

  • NPI is a premier provider of home inspections and commercial property inspections. With over 35 years of experience, their trained inspectors utilize industry-leading technology to provide comprehensive and unbiased assessments, including REO inspections, for mortgage lenders,buyers, sellers, investors, and more.

  • REO Shadow specializes in REO inspections, offering comprehensive assessments of real estate-owned properties. With their expertise in the industry, they provide detailed reports to help lenders, investors, and asset managers make informed decisions about distressed properties.

  • RSI Asset Management offers a range of services, including REO inspections, to financial institutions, investors, and lenders. With their team of professionals, they provide accurate and timely assessments of distressed properties to assist in the mortgage lending, management and disposition process.

  • SingleSource Property Solutions is a premier company offering comprehensive property preservation and management services. They specialize in property inspections, timely maintenance, eviction management, and asset valuation. Their dedicated team ensures top-notch service for mortgage lenders across multiple states.

  • Yardi is a leading provider of property management software and solutions. Their innovative technology streamlines property preservation processes, allowing effective management of pre-foreclosure and REO assets. Yardi offers comprehensive solutions for property owners and managers to ensure efficient preservation and maintenance.