Mortgage Insurance

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  • Our unique underwriting platform, experienced management team and strong capital base have enabled us to establish a prominent presence in the global insurance, reinsurance and mortgage insurance markets.

  • Enact offers underwriting guides, tips, and solutions for borrowers, in addition to contract services underwriting and access to regulatory resources. It also features company info such as leadership, news, and careers. Users can log in or register to manage or activate MI services.

  • We offer private mortgage insurance, also known as mortgage guaranty insurance, MI or private MI, for single-family mortgage loans in the United States, providing private capital to mitigate mortgage credit risk for lenders and investors. This, in turn, allows lenders to make additional mortgage financing available to prospective homeowners.

  • We're proud to be guiding an industry, supporting our customers and helping borrowers find a better way to achieve their dreams of homeownership.

  • National MI is a private mortgage insurance company that supports lenders in providing safer mortgages. Through their services, they aim to make homeownership more accessible and affordable by managing risk for lenders, assisting borrowers with low down payments, and ultimately promoting sustainable housing finance.

  • Old Republic is a diversified insurance company providing risk management services to businesses and individuals. They offer a range of products and services, including title insurance, property and casualty insurance, and warranty coverage. Their focus is on protecting individuals and businesses from financial loss.

  • Radian provides mortgage insurance, risk management, and real estate services to lenders, investors, and homeowners. They aim to make it easier for people to buy and own homes by offering products and services that mitigate risk and improve the mortgage process.