Data Services

Data plays a critical role in mortgage lending. Utilize data services to gather and analyze market and operational data to make informed business decisions, improve marketing strategies, and manage risk. Search for top data service providers serving mortgage lenders here. Harness the power of data analytics and business intelligence with Data Services.

  • Provides sales and marketing leads to businesses to help them grow and increase their revenue. Their data is segmented by industry, and their target clients are those in finance, technology, and healthcare.

  • A real estate data company that offers property data, analytics, and marketing solutions to businesses and government agencies. Their platform provides real-time property data for property tax, deed, mortgage, foreclosure, and more.

  • Black Knight provides comprehensive software and data solutions for the mortgage industry, including loan origination, servicing, and risk management solutions. Their solutions can help lenders streamline loan processing and improve risk management practices.

  • Cole Information Data Solutions is a company that uses data to help businesses grow and retain customers. They offer a range of products for various industries, including real estate, insurance, and mortgage. Their services can help mortgage lenders generate and convert leads more efficiently, enhance data, and validate leads in real-time.

  • Core Logic offers real estate data and analytics, mortgage services, property information, and consumer credit solutions for businesses. Their platform provides data and analytics to businesses in the real estate, insurance, and banking industries to help them make informed decisions based on market insights and customer behaviors.

  • Curinos is a leading provider of data technologies and insights for financial institutions, specializing in mortgage lenders. They offer transformative data-driven solutions, including comprehensive datasets and data services, to help institutions make better and more profitable decisions faster.

  • Provides targeted business and consumer data to help businesses with marketing and sales. Their platform also offers data management and marketing automation tools to help businesses optimize their marketing strategies.

  • is a customer behavior prediction platform that offers unified data and AI for mortgage lenders and other industries. Their data services help in lead management and customer engagement, providing breakthrough experiences to convert leads into customers.

  • Homegenius is a leading mortgage platform that has reimagined the entire homebuying experience. With their AI-powered tools, they provide deep insights, access to mortgage lenders, and data services. Find your dream home and engage with experts all in one place.

  • A real estate data services company that offers comprehensive and customized property and homeowner insights from various sources like mortgage, tax, and public record data. They cater to industries, including mortgage lending, insurance, and marketing, and provide flexible delivery options like APIs, bulk downloads, and marketing lists.