Trading Platforms

Trading platforms in mortgage lending provide lenders with a user-friendly, market-friendly environment to buy and sell assets rapidly. They present an optimal way to improve the efficiency of transactions, ensure compliance measures are met, and minimize risks for all parties involved. Access cutting-edge trading platforms designed for the mortgage industry in this category.

  • Polly operates the industry's first and only cloud-native, commercially scalable PPE. Built in the cloud and for the cloud, Polly's vertically integrated platform automates and optimizes the entire capital markets value chain, helping lenders of all types and sizes proactively scale their mortgage operations. Secondary marketing and capital markets leaders demand flexible, scalable, and highly configurable technology solutions, and Polly delivers.

  • TradeAgile is a mortgage loan trading platform that enables buyers and sellers to transact mortgages more efficiently. The platform offers features such as secure document sharing, customizable deal structuring, and real-time data analytics, making the mortgage trading process faster and more streamlined.

  • Common Securitization Solutions (CSS) is a joint venture between Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. It provides a platform for the securitization and issuance of Single-Family and Multifamily mortgage-backed securities, ensuring the liquidity and stability of the housing finance market in the United States.

  • Jack Henry Loan Marketplace revolutionizes mortgage loan trading with its fully digital and mobile-friendly platform. From tape to listing in minutes, it simplifies the process, providing transparent access to loan trade and participation opportunities. trade quicker with automatic tape upload, bid and yield analysis, full communication, and secure data warehouse tools.

  • LenderBlocks is a whole loan marketplace for beyond-agency mortgages. It offers a risk-free platform for mortgage lenders to anonymously list loans for sale, attracting more buyers and achieving better prices. Investors can also bid on loans for sale, accessing a wider range of product types.

  • LenderBlocks is a revolutionary online mortgage marketplace that offers transparency, efficiency, and unmatched liquidity. It allows sellers and buyers to anonymously list and bid on loans for sale, with a wide network of trading counterparties. The platform simplifies the process from bid to settlement, bringing trusted buyers and sellers together for quick and confident transactions in the mortgage industry.

  • MarketAxess is a technology-driven trading platform that enables institutional investors to trade with considerable operational efficiency. They offer investors an advanced electronic trading market for corporate bonds, emerging markets, municipals, and more. The platform helps mortgage lenders enhance their competitiveness and transparency while accessing liquidity.

  • MAXEX is a digital mortgage exchange. They offer services for mortgage banks, sellers, buyers, portfolio buyers, and securitizers. MAXEX aims to modernize the secondary mortgage market by providing standardization, liquidity, and transparency. They offer a range of loan programs and are trusted by industry-leading mortgage buyers.

  • MCT Trading is a provider of mortgage loan trading software, offering comprehensive platforms for lenders to manage the buying and selling of loans. Their solutions include features like pipeline management, automated loan pricing, and seamless integrations with other systems, enhancing the efficiency of loan trading operations.

  • mTrade is a comprehensive platform, mT360, connecting buyers, sellers, documents, data analytics, and vendors in the trading of residential whole loans. It prioritizes efficiency, streamlining loan acquisition, surveillance, and disposition, redefining best execution. Through synchronized communication and a centralized platform, mTrade optimizes mortgage trading and collaboration processes.