MSR Valuation and Sales

MSR Valuation and Sales automate the management of the servicing rights for a pool of mortgages. It helps lenders own and transfer mortgage servicing rights and keep a clear record of all transfers to streamline mortgage servicing. Find your next MSR Valuation and Sales vendor in this category.

  • ALM First is a financial advisory firm providing strategic investment solutions to financial institutions. Their website offers comprehensive information about their services, team, and research insights to help clients make informed investment decisions and optimize their financial management strategies.

  • Ascendant Capital is a private investment and advisory company based in Broomfield, CO. They specialize in providing portfolio management and loan sale advisory services in the residential whole loan mortgage market. They assist mortgage lenders, including non-bank lenders and financial institutions, with MSR valuation and sales.

  • LauraMac provides valuable insight and control for loan origination, acquisition, and review. Their platform offers transparency, normalized data, information security, partner integrations, and compliant tools with a strong focus on loan acquisition management.

  • MIAC Analytics is a trusted provider of analytical solutions for the financial services industry. They offer a comprehensive suite of services, including MSR valuation and sales, specifically tailored for mortgage lenders. With their advanced technology and expertise, they assist lenders in managing and optimizing their mortgage portfolios.

  • Milliman is a leading company specializing in mortgage and credit risk solutions. They provide comprehensive services to mortgage lenders, including MSR valuation and sales. With their expertise, they help lenders manage and mitigate risks associated with mortgage and credit portfolios.

  • Wilary Winn LLC is a trusted provider of valuation services for mortgage lenders. They offer comprehensive and cost-effective MSR valuation for residential and commercial loans, including SBA 7a loan servicing.