Memberships & Collaborative

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  • ACUMA stands for the American Credit Union Mortgage Association. They provide education and resources to credit unions that offer mortgage products to their members.

  • AIME Group is an organization that represents independent mortgage experts across the United States. They provide resources and networking opportunities to help their members become more successful in their businesses.

  • National association advocating for the interests of community-based residential mortgage lenders

  • Cooperative of mortgage bankers providing access to various products, services, and technologies

  • The MBA covers various aspects such as leadership, governance, education, courses, certifications, designations, industry careers, webinars, news and research, and provides resources for professionals in the mortgage banking industry to enhance their knowledge and skills.

  • NAMMBA is short for the National Association of Minority Mortgage Bankers of America. They exist to promote diversity and inclusion in the mortgage industry through education, networking, and advocacy.

  • NAPMW stands for the National Association of Professional Mortgage Women. They provide education and resources for women in the mortgage industry and promote equal opportunity and career advancement for all professionals in the field.

  • The National Association of Mortgage Brokers (NAMB) is a professional organization dedicated to supporting the needs of mortgage brokers and other professionals in the mortgage industry. Their mission is to advocate for ethical business practices, provide education and professional development opportunities, and promote fair and transparent lending practices for consumers.

  • Member-driven organization for independent mortgage lenders, providing support and network.