As an Encompass Administrator and Developer of 12 years, I can say without a doubt that LenderToolkit’s PowerTools suite of tools for Encompass is indispensable, I refuse to work for any mortgage lender that does not have or will not consider LenderToolkit’s tools. They save me time and frustration with extending the LOS to meet business needs and also save the company time and money by providing a solid launching point of customizations and tools that otherwise would have to be developed from scratch. Mortgage Lenders using Encompass NEED LenderToolkit. Their Toolshed professional services side (“rent-an-admin” kind of outsourcing) is also a great way to fill a gap if you’re looking for administrative help but might not need someone full time. I’m less inclined to encourage this service right now though as I know several very skilled admins that are still seeking work after layoffs due to the shift in our market and I think mortgage companies generally are better off with in-house administrators, but if you’re looking for a cheaper short-term solution then Toolshed is also a very useful tool for you to leverage. 10/10 would recommend.