is a comprehensive mortgage CRM platform that offers automation tools for mortgage lenders. It helps streamline the mortgage process with features such as lead management, marketing automation, document management, and integrated communication, improving efficiency and productivity for mortgage professionals.

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      • Soobin

        VP Operations

        Interest Smart Home Loans CRM is a great tool for loan officers, we love the mortgage savings analysis quoting tools, it really speeds up the quoting stages for borrowers & integration with property profiles helps a ton with refi business because it pulls the borrowers current loan details without needing to run a credit report. Also the rate watch tool is great cause it keeps a set of eyes on all my past leads and lets us know of refi opportunities whenever they pop up. The AI-powered lead nurturing and lead scoring is a game changer, we literally never miss a follow up and it really helps us prioritize leads and focus on the ones. This has significantly increased our conversion rate and helped us save a ton of time. Highly recommended!

        Published On: April 9, 2024