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Class Valuation offers mortgage lenders a streamlined approach to property valuations, allowing them to attract and retain borrowers. With innovative technology, a nationwide appraiser network, and fast turnarounds, Class Valuation ensures reliable and accurate appraisals.


At Class Valuation, we are driven by a radical commitment to redefine speed and accuracy in the appraisal industry. Our mission is to provide lenders, brokers, appraisers, and credit unions with innovative solutions that streamline the appraisal process, mitigate risk, and deliver valuations you can trust. 

Our Approach  

Digital Appraisals 

Accelerate the appraisal process with tech-driven details and quality you can count on. Our digital appraisals utilize advanced technology to deliver fast and accurate results. 

Property Data Collection 

Capture every detail of a property with stunning accuracy through our advanced property data collection tools. We ensure that no detail goes unnoticed, providing comprehensive and reliable information. 

AI Appraisals 

Harness the power of the latest technology to enhance appraisal quality. Our AI-enabled tools, such as Class INtelligence, deliver objective reporting and comprehensive quality assurance. 

Our Software Tools 

  • Class INtelligence: Empower your appraisal process with our comprehensive rules and workflow tool. Our AI-driven technology ensures accurate and objective results, enabling you to focus on other essential tasks.
  • Fast Track Pro: Simplify appraisal management with our all-in-one appraisal management platform. From order placement to real-time status tracking, Fast Track Pro streamlines the appraisal process.
  • Appraisal Scope: Seamlessly submit appraisal orders using the industry’s most widely used platform. Appraisal Scope provides a customized and user-friendly experience, making the ordering process efficient and hassle-free.

Experience the Class Valuation difference. 

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