Go ahead and search for a vendor category that services the mortgage industry. Results may vary.  If you are starting the search process it is likely you are working to solve a big problem.  Vendor XYZ is no good.  Never been good.  It’s a complete rip off for the service.  I don’t like the account rep.  The customer service is garbage.  Most importantly – My loan officers don’t use it.  That is the nail in the coffin for any Software/Service at any mortgage bank.  My loan officers either don’t like it or they don’t use it.  So where does one go to find a replacement?

What if you are starting a new branch, or a new mortgage bank all together. Of course, we all know the common vendors.  They sent you a pair of socks or koozie or something that is sitting on your desk.  We have experience on what works and therefore may default to what we know despite being mildly discontent by their service.  To steal a quote – “Good is the enemy of Great.’

Conferences aren’t happening again this year.  Digital Conferences and demos are tough to attend.  Even if I do attend them, I can’t fast forward to the parts I care about.  Where is the social proof?  Can someone really tell me how good a POS really is?  Can we get a collective to help me understand which lead gen company doesn’t serve up bad leads?  We all know that all leads suck anyway.

Here are the three things Mortgage Advisor Tools is putting together to help remove the pain of finding vendors that impact your heart and soul…Loan Officers, Brokers, and Mortgage Advisors.

  • Category Integrity – When you search to solve a problem, the response must be the best answer available.  While Software/Services always have multiple product offerings it is important to provide a direct connection to companies that solve your initial challenge.
  • Options – We need to know what is out there.  If we can find it, we will list it, and begin to constantly bug them to pay for our listing so that you can find everything out you need to make a buying decision. We’re grouping together all the options so you can make the best decision for your company.
  • Reviews –  Capterra, and G2 do a decent job of this but we would like to do better.  This is a challenging endeavor, but we believe that it is extremely important to aggregate reviews so that buyers and decision makers can receive as much information as possible from mortgage professionals.
If you know of or work with any vendors that you believe are applicable for Mortgage Advisor Tools shoot us an email at info@mortgageadvisortools.com