The Best Mortgage Conferences and Events

2022 continues to be a complete shitshow.  Not bad, but hard to say it is going well.  Some incredible events are coming up to help mortgage lenders and technology companies discover new resources to maintain and grow their businesses. Mortgage Media plays a massive role in providing relevant information for the mortgage industry, and they also throw some pretty kickass events.  This is a massive opportunity to expand your horizons and re-connect with others in the mortgage industry.  We have identified four events that will impact the mortgage industry. Of course, Art Vs. Math will be there with bells on!

Originator Connect – National Mortgage Professional

Friday, August 19 — August 21, 2022 – LAS VEGAS – Daymond John, the Shark Tank Entrepreneur, will be the featured speaker of this incredible event. What caught our attention was that the workshop topics are very interesting and relevant to what is happening today in the mortgage space.  National Mortgage Professional has done a great job putting a creative angle on its media, and this event will provide some great insights.  Most of these conferences are expensive, so NMP has hooked it up with a registration fee of under $500.

DIGITAL MORTGAGE – National Mortgage News

Tuesday, September 13 — September 15, 2022 – LAS VEGAS – This is the biggest mortgage technology event in the industry.  If you want to scale your business with technology, this is the conference to discover and learn how technology will enhance your business.  Digital Mortgage has daily technology demos, tech impact sessions and provides an opportunity to show how mortgage lenders use technology for every part of their day-to-day operations.

HOUSING WIRE ANNUAL 2022 – Housing Wire

Monday, October 3 – October 5, 2022 – Scottsdale, Arizona – The most prominent media company in the mortgage industry is holding its annual conference.  A diversified group of speakers will drive newsworthy topics and provide unique value to mortgage professionals.  This event will be much more than mortgage, but Housing Wire will be providing insights into the housing market in its entirety.  We are all taking a sigh of relief that this event isn’t in Vegas.

MBA Annual 22 – Mortgage Bankers Association

Tuesday, October 23 – October 26, 2022 – Nashville, Tennessee – A great way to end the year of conferences.  MBA events have gotten awesome over the last couple of years: massive attendance, concerts, and high-level conversation about the state of the real estate/mortgage industry.  Every component of the mortgage industry is covered at MBA Annual so that every mortgage sub-sector and professional will find value at this show. In addition to all the banking
stuff, there are opportunities to learn about technology and alternative services.  MBA members receive a significant discount, so sign up for MBA – it’s worth it.
A jam-packed couple of months of fantastic mortgage conferences to consider. This is an opportunity to get rejuvenated and informed. This shitshow won’t go on forever. These shows provide a valuable opportunity to learn more about the mortgage and real estate industry. There is a show for every sized bank in every part of the US.  Mortgage Professionals should consider signing up for some of these media companies’ services.  Most have regular events and provide a regular cadence of industry news. A lot is happening, but we will collectively crack this nut, innovate, and overcome the challenges to get better.  The first step, show up!