Stavvy Continues to Revolutionize the Digital Mortgage Experience 

Acquisition of SigniaDocuments Positions Stavvy as a Leader in Consumer-Centric and Data-Driven Mortgage Solutions 


In the constantly evolving landscape of digital mortgage technology, Stavvy, the fintech company reshaping lending and real estate collaboration, has made significant strides towards transforming the industry. As part of their ongoing commitment to innovation, Stavvy recently announced the acquisition of SigniaDocuments, a technology suite from Evolve Mortgage Services, which includes groundbreaking features such as SMART Doc® technology and eVault capabilities. This strategic move solidifies Stavvy’s position as a premier provider of electronic notarization technology and reinforces their mission of delivering a comprehensive, consumer-centric, and data-driven mortgage experience. 

The Power of SigniaDocuments’ Suite 

By acquiring SigniaDocuments’ suite of cutting-edge technologies, Stavvy is uniquely positioned to lead the real estate industry beyond just managing documents and into a realm of seamless collaboration and efficiency. The suite includes the data-driven SMART Doc® technology, eClosing tools, an industry-recognized eVault, as well as eRegistry capabilities for agency and non-agency loans. This comprehensive suite of tools, now integrated into Stavvy’s digital mortgage platform, empowers lenders, servicers, and stakeholders to navigate the mortgage lifecycle with ease, ensuring enhanced efficiency, convenience, and security for all. 

Reimagining Mortgage Transactions 

Stavvy’s latest acquisition aligns with its mission of eliminating manual processes and removing barriers to digitization within the mortgage industry. Traditional mortgage documents often suffer from fragmentation, resulting in inefficiencies and customer dissatisfaction. However, Stavvy’s now fully tagged SMART Docs provide a comprehensive solution by streamlining the entire mortgage package and ensuring a frictionless experience for all parties involved. This acquisition enables Stavvy to provide SMART Doc® disclosures and loan documents specific to all 50 states, loan programs, and types of investors, offering unparalleled versatility for both lenders and mortgage borrowers. 

Enhancing Homeowner Engagement and Loss Mitigation 

With the integration of SigniaDocuments’ suite, Stavvy now offers lenders and servicers a complete digital closing suite for mortgage lending. Additionally, Stavvy’s digital default management tools optimize homeowner engagement while improving loss mitigation pull-through rates. The seamless integration between Stavvy and major loan origination system providers allows for fully tagged, machine-readable SMART Docs, eliminating the need for manual quality control processes and enhancing overall efficiency and cost savings. 

Driving Innovation and Growth 

To further solidify its commitment to driving innovation and adoption in the digital mortgage ecosystem, Stavvy has welcomed industry leaders Charlie Epperson and Tim Anderson into its ranks. With their wealth of expertise in digital mortgage products, technology, and data standards, Epperson assumes the role of Chief Product Officer, while Anderson takes on the role of Executive Vice President of Digital Mortgage Strategy. This addition to the Stavvy team ensures continued growth and positions the company as a frontrunner in reshaping and driving innovation in the mortgage industry. 

To Sum It Up 

Stavvy’s acquisition of SigniaDocuments’ suite marks a significant milestone for the company’s growth and mission to revolutionize the digital mortgage experience. With a focus on consumer-centric and data-driven solutions, Stavvy’s integration of SMART Doc® technology and eVault capabilities sets them apart in an industry seeking digital transformation. By eliminating manual processes, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency, Stavvy is setting new standards for the mortgage industry and creating a seamless, convenient, and secure experience for all stakeholders involved. As they continue to build strategic relationships with industry leaders, Stavvy is well-positioned to drive innovation and reshape the future of mortgage technology. 

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