Mortgage technology companies are not leveraging the power of online reputation to generate more business.  This oddly includes online reputation technology companies.  There are a couple that does a decent job, but mortgage lenders, brokers, banks, and credit unions do not have a reliable review listing platform to understand how the market views a prospective technology vendor.  Not because they do not exist, but simply because mortgage technologies companies have not worked to implement online reputation into their marketing strategy.  Not to get down on these outfits, because customer experience and engagement is a priority.  Once they have provided an elevated experience it must be pushed to the public to reinforce their values.  Loan officers, mortgage brokers, and mortgage professionals are searching online to understand which technology solution will work best for their business.  Let’s explore where they should be placing reviews for their audience to learn more about their solution.
1. Mortgage Advisor Tools – Of course, we are going to be at the top of the list.  A mortgage-focused vendor listing platform advocating for mortgage technology and services for every type of mortgage lender.  The goal is to provide the mortgage industry with as much information about every vendor – no matter how big or small.  There are so many awesome tech companies that are completely undiscovered.  Leverage Mortgage Advisor Tools review platform to find more customers.
2.  Google – In particular, Google my Business.  Mortgage technology companies are missing a huge opportunity by not having a Google My Business account.  It’s super easy to set up and provides you with another digital asset that can be found when being searched.  This can serve as a great place to collect reviews that can be displayed through search and other digital marketing assets.
3. Facebook – Facebook offers reviews, and you should be leveraging them.  There is so much to do on social media to grab attention but reviews on Facebook should be a part of your online strategy.
4. 3rd Party Review Platforms – There are quite a few online review services that will help you collect reviews if you don’t have the bandwidth to do it yourself.  These services range in price based on the size of your organization.  This type of service usually gives you another place for your reviews to be showcased as well – sometimes even collecting all the reviews and placing them on one platform.  You can find some of these services on Mortgage Advisor Tools – Online Reputation Category.
As you can see there are many ways to develop an online reputation strategy into your marketing efforts.  Mortgage technology and service companies are being searched every day.  Picking the vehicle to manage your online reputation is just the beginning.  Collecting, replying, managing the negative, and making sure they are leveraging on other platforms is a whole different article that we will happily tackle later.  It’s important to begin.  Your reputation depends on it.