Marketing might be one of the most mis-understood terms in business.  In every industry it takes on a different meaning, and maybe even a different responsibility.  The mortgage industry is no exception.  Marketing means everything to events, video, printing, social media, advertising, sponsorships, and swag.  Swag is probably my least favorite.  I think I might just hate that people call it “swag”.   I also don’t believe someone is out there starring at their koozie thinking, “we should really give this outfit a shot.”
So marketing is this hodge-podge of stuff we do to make the phone ring more.  That might be the best/worst description of marketing ever (hodge-podge of stuff).  What are the most important pieces of marketing technology that loan officers can use today?
The Marketing Category is also a hodge-podge.  (I just want to get ranked on Google for the words “Mortgage” and “hodge-podge”).  There are dozens of marketing sub-categories, so we do have quite the mix.  We’ll tighten up as we see what is really driving traffic, but in the meantime,  let’s dive into the top marketing technologies that you should consider when looking for new marketing resources.
1.  VIDEO:  You must put your face out there in the world.  Whether it is through email video services, full suite content services, or just using the dozen or so apps that allow you to make quick edit videos on your phone.  Yes, you need video content because it ultimately performs the best.
2.  Digital Marketing:  if you are nowhere to be found online then it makes it extremely hard for borrowers to figure out if you really exist.  They meet you; they were referred to you, but when they google you all they find is you letting your Golden Doodle lick your neck.  There are a bunch of turnkey digital marketing platform for mortgage professionals for under $100 a month.  Pick one and use it.  You will get business just by being easier to find.
3.  Social Media:  Should you TikTok?  Absolutely.  You do not have to engage in every social media platform.  However, you do have to engage in at least one.  Not including LinkedIn.  LinkedIn doesn’t count.  Social Media Management is hard.  Finding the time to be creative, writing post copy, and posting can be a bit time consuming.  Social Media works.  People need to be able to creep up on your profile and investigate the person that is helping them with the biggest purchase of their life.  Get with the program.
Swing towards the fences and try as much as you can.  Measure the results.  Get feedback on what people like.  Understand what works.  Fail fast.  Get up and try again.  It takes time to find a marketing strategy and technology that works for your style.  It is all about staying open minded and putting in the effort.  Consumers expect to be marketed and advertised to.  They expect it.  Meet their expectations, and then exceed them with your customer service.