Art Vs. Math and Mortgage Advisor Tools are heading to MBA’s Technology Solution Conference this year!  There are a dozen reasons to go.  First, it’s Las Vegas.  Second, to make new connections, meet up with old friends, and ultimately discover new opportunities.  Meeting face to face and building personal relationships is always a preferable method.  Most businesses in the mortgage industry are well served by networking.  The mortgage technology market is no exception and therefore finds itself prioritizing conferences in its marketing.  In most cases, it is likely their biggest marketing expense.  While these conferences serve both mortgage lenders and mortgage tech companies in many ways – several challenges present themselves if you are prioritizing conferences as your primary way to generate business.  One is, thousands of mortgage brokers, and lenders do not attend these expensive conferences.  If they do attend, they tend to not buy tickets to go inside but set up meetings with their preferred partners outside of the conference.  You might think, thousands, isn’t that a bit of an exaggeration?  The truth is, that it is not.
Before we dive into some other needed marketing methods to fill your pipeline it is important to understand that meeting face to face has an extremely high conversion rate.  Getting the opportunity to meet several mortgage professionals that may make the decision is extremely valuable.  In no way, shape or form does digital marketing replace attending conferences. Mortgage Advisor Tools desperately would like to through a conference one day in the fine city of Indianapolis, Indiana.  However, sleeping on all the other methods of marketing, especially digital, is just positioning your technology company to miss opportunities.  So here are three opportunities worth committing a couple of dollars for to enhance your sales efforts…always.
1.  Online Web Listings – This is always going to be a shameless plug for our web property, but we don’t care how many other websites you are listed on.  Everywhere that you can list your company adds credibility to your brand and service.  It also helps with search.  The more your domain is listed on other domains it helps with your overall Google ranking.
2.  Social Media – Post something that makes people want to check out your company.  This inactivity is not acceptable at all.  Mortgage professionals are on social media.  Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and others.  You should have a social media strategy that involves increasing the overall awareness of who you are and what you do – and making people engage.
3.  Online Reputation – Most of the search terms that Mortgage Advisor Tools ranks for involve company reviews.  Mortgage Loan Officers, Brokers, and Executives are looking up reviews.  They spend time reading them and understanding how different services and platforms impact business.  You have an online reputation.  The real question is – are you spending time controlling the narrative.  If not, get on it.
Quick recap.  Mortgage conferences are awesome.  We can’t wait to reconnect with everybody.  However, digital marketing is how you get your company’s message to the masses.  Not just the couple hundred banks that show up at a show.  While social media, online reputation, and web listings aren’t the solution either, they are a huge step towards broadening your presence online and driving awareness of your solution.  Marketing is a long game, and it is important to diversify your efforts.