We launched over 90 days ago and are extremely grateful for the amazing response we’ve received from both mortgage banks and mortgage technology vendors.  This website/project/company has taken a long time to materialize and the team that is working behind the scenes are continuing to develop new and exciting updates every week.  Mortgage Advisor Tools is committed to providing tons of value to not just mortgage technology/ service vendors, but to mortgage advisors, lenders, and credit unions.  We believe that our resource provides both parties with mutual opportunities to grow their business.   Our hope that our passion to solve this challenge strikes with our actions, design, and our kick ass content.  So let’s take a look at how we did!
In the first 90 days we have generated over 9K unique visitors!!!  So that is pretty awesome to come out the gate swinging.  To be clear – no other competitor is generating this much interest for mortgage technology.  This includes the heavy hitting tech companies.
How did we get the traffic?
We created Content with:
·      Josh Pitts – Shred Media – Tools of the Trade for Mortgage Brokers
·      David Lykken – Lykken on Lending – Mortgage Technology/Disruption 
·      Mortflix – Fintech Friday w/ Brian Vieaux 
·      Rob Chrisman – 6/3 Newsletter
50% of our traffic came from Paid Media:
·      Facebook
·      Google Adwords
·      YouTube
 What is the result of all this activity?
·      Every week we sign up an average of 1.5 companies.
·      Once onsite they spend an average of 80 seconds
·      They visit an average of 4 pages.
Top Categories (based on web traffic)
·      CRM
·      Lead Generation
·      Appraisals
·      Borrower Retention
·      Sales Accelerator
Top Profiles
·      MBS Highway
·      HomeBinder 
·      Podium 
Next 90 Days
·      Double Traffic
·      Create a ton of content
·      Sign up 2 companies per week
·      Raise SEED round for SaaS build
·      Launch SaaS product – (at least beta)
·      Did we say create More content?
The Ultimate Goal!  Drive as much value to technology companies and mortgage lenders as possible. That is being modest – if any bank is making a technology vendor decision that impacts their loan officers – we want Mortgage Advisor Tools to be a part of the conversation.  We want to help mortgage technology company market better, find new customers, and enhance technological adoption in the mortgage industry.
We are just getting warmed up. Thank you for all the support!