Mortgage Advisor Tools has been live for over 6 months now.  We have been feverishly working on ways to provide value to both website visitors and our mortgage software customers.
To be transparent – helping software companies understand they are being searched online has been interesting.  We have continued to signup new companies every week, but we have a long way to go to really make the impact we desire.  Here are some of the things we have done to bring attention to our customers and let the mortgage industry know what we aren’t F*&$ing around:
All our media postings in the last 6 months
Have you seen our commercials?  Over 50,000 views between both of them.  Special thanks for Cameron Sprinkle!
Website Metrics over 6 months:
Unique Visitors:  19,200
Average time Spent on Site: 32 seconds
Page Visits per session:  4
Top Categories:  CRM and Lead Gen (over 1000 visits per category)
Top Company Profiles:  Podium, Homebinder, MBS Highway
Blog Visits:  1221 (thank you for reading)
I need to get permission from Clayton, Molly, and Kevin to share their kind words about how Mortgage Advisor Tools is kinda awesome.  Hopefully they oblige…
We have very exciting announcements coming up in this last quarter and a couple dope ass videos to push out.  I really appreciate the overall support and look forward to building a resource that helps mortgage advisors, mortgage lenders, and technology companies find each other.
Special thanks to Capterra as well – they love our videos….