Over the last twelve months, Mortgage Advisor Tools has worked to impact the mortgage industry by helping mortgage professionals find the best technology solutions the market has to offer.  We have been humbled by the overall response to our technology and web platform and are extremely grateful to every customer and media partner than has supported us.  Mortgage technology marketing is best summed up by attending conferences.  There are several mortgage tech companies that leverage digital marketing, review platforms, and other means but Mortgage Advisor Tools is working to capture an audience from the massive search and online reputation hole that is disconnecting mortgage technology options and lender search inquiry.  All of this is just high-level marketing rhetoric that simply means – Mortgage professionals are searching for solutions and can’t find them – Now they can go to one website and find them all!
The biggest takeaway of the last 12 months.  B2B online reputation is continuing to emulate the power of word of mouth.  One of our biggest keyword combos is “SELECT A COMPANY” and the word “REVIEWS”.  Mortgage professionals are trying to understand what their peers are saying.  How the technology works.  How the integrations work.  How it may impact their overall business and what does it cost?  Mortgage professionals want to read reviews about mortgage technology.  How do we know? By our keyword search rankings.
Website Metrics over 6 months
Unique Visitors:  31,453
Average Time Spent on Site: 1 minute and 3 seconds (we doubled it)
Engagement Rate:  55% (that means they are clicking on stuff)
Page Visits per session:  4
There are a dozen more metrics worth talking about but the bottom line – is we’re getting better every week.  We are constantly analyzing how we provide value to both visitors and tech companies.
Top Categories
Top Company Profiles
Blog Visits:  2449 (thank you for reading!)
How did we get our traffic?
·      Organic (Search Engine Optimization) – 22%
·      Paid Media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google Ads)
·      Public Relations – Media Deals, podcasts, newsletters, guest speaking, blogs
·      Referrals – People and organizations leveraging our service to help them navigate mortgage technology decisions.
Organic is the gift that keeps on giving but takes the most time.   We continue to build our collection of extremely valuable keywords, so we become part of the buying decision.
We have written and produced the most creative video marketing content in the mortgage industry.  Our goal was to provide highly relatable and funny content that is worth sharing.  Here are the links in case you want to check them out.
·      Lead Generation
·      Point of Sale
Our commitment to the mortgage industry is to continue to innovate and increase our footprint online.  Our goal is to be a vital part of the vendor selection and bring exposure to technology companies that are entering the mortgage space.  We will continue to create badass content and enhance the overall experience of both vendors and mortgage professionals.  The mortgage industry has yet to leverage the full power of modern-day technology to optimize its business.  It is hard to take advantage of all the resources if you don’t know they exist.
Thank you for all your support over the last year!  We are extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished and we’re just getting warmed up.